Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Model Recruitment

Think you have what it takes to be the models of Azlan Model management?

We are looking for fresh models who have these criteria:
  • Edgy
  • Photogenic
  • Professional
  • Self-confident
The agency is divided into two (2) divisions:

1) Runway Division

A division for high fashion models that mainly commits with catwalk fashion show, magazine covers, fashion spread, TVC, etc.

Male: 180cm (5' 11") and above
Female: 170cm (5' 7") and above

2) Commercial Division

A division for commercial models that mainly commits with printed advertisement, TVC, etc.

Male: 170cm (5' 7") and above
Female: 160cm (5' 3") and above


The agency will not take any money from model for registration or process fee. The agency will only gain the benefit by cutting 20% from the model's income since the jobs are found by the agency for the models.

If you find yourself suits the criteria and you feel interested, you may apply by e-mailing your latest photos (between 6-10) to

** SUBJECT: AMM Model Recruitment

The photos must include the followings:
  1. Face (Close Up) - Smile / Serious
  2. Half Body
  3. Full Body
  4. Fashion Poses

Make sure that yourself looks superb, professional and marketable in those photos.

For those models who are selected, the agency will prepare a free modeling comp card for you (and will be e-mailed back to you for a copy) and your profile will be uploaded in the agency blog webpage for a trial time length.

We will not guarantee that you will 100% get a job, but we will try our best for you to get a job.


  1. Hi Azlan, i have a question for u..do u cater for kids modelling?

  2. Hi Liana, it's a great idea to have kids for modeling. Do u have kids for modeling? If you are keen to do so, you may send the profile of the kids along with their best and marketable photos to my email: azlanmodels@hotmail.com

  3. ya..do you needed any models ages 14 years old?cause i'm 14 years old?